Besides being a teacher on specific technologies and methodologies, I'm also a public speaker in some official events.

Incoming events

Bologna November 20th 2009 - Italian Agile Day 2009

Bologna November 19th 2009 - Introduction to Scrum with Peter Stevens

Milan November 14th 2009 - JAX Italia Domain Driven Design Workshop

Milan November 13th 2009 - JAX Italia "Gestire la complessità con Domain Driven Design"

Past events


Bologna July 10th 2009 - Fast and Slim Enterprise 2.0 – Le tecnologie web applicate alla trasformazione dei modelli di business

London June 19th 2009 - London DDD Exchange 2009:

  • "Context Mapping in Action" slides

Roma January 24th 2009 - Italian Java Day III Edition:

  • "Enterprise-class Domain Specific Languages con Groovy e Grails" slides (Italian)


Bologna: November 21st 2008 - Italian Agile Day 2008:

Cambdridge: September 22nd - IS Development Conference 2008:

  • "Agile Working practices and Service Oriented Architecture"
  • "Taming Complex Domains with Domain Driven Design"

London: September 2nd 2008 - Skills Matter in-the-brain-of session: "Agile development with SOA" podcast slides


Rome: December 1st. 2007 Italian Java Day: "Rapid Application Development with Grails"


Milan: Italian Java Conference 2006:

  • "Migrating development teams from Delphi to Java"

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