What can I do for you?

Basically, my job is to improve IT organizations efficiency, be it on a large scale - with the scope of an entire IT department - or on a smaller one, like a single development team, in every possible way, including the definition of a the correct development process, the choice of the right tools, the design of the most suitable software architecture, coaching the team and so on. This can be particularly effective in startups where you're rich of ideas, but lack some experience. Being an independent consultant, I am also a suitable choice when it comes to be a non-biased technology advisor or to perform Architectural reviews. Past experiences helped me to create a network of valuable professional which can form a task force for a specific job. For more detailed information, please visit the Activities page.

How I do it

Spotting the problem

I've been working in different places, with different time frames and goals. I had to develop the ability to read environments quickly, to spot possible troublesome areas or excellency sweet spots. Getting to the root causes, without getting confused by the effects, is an essential part of this job.
Sometimes, the outcome of my job is just an assessment which clearly describes the existing situation in a given context; sometimes, analyzing the situation is just the first step.

Defining a plan

The next step is the definition of an action plan: some goals are just one step ahead, and allow further goals to get closer. A road map is often needed to show some immediate results and to build on them without losing the main target. Planning means also considering risks and the forthcoming scenarios. Not all actions are risk free, and small changes might already transform the overall landscape, making some activities crucial and some other surprisingly meaningless.

Implementing the plan

Writing plans is generally not enough: turning the vision into reality requires ability to face day-to-day problems, to listen and understand somebody's else point of view, to teach what is missing in the team's skills and to gather all the possible feedback to successfully fine-tune the activity, and give the team the necessary confidence to keep walking on the chosen path. To achieve this, on-site mentoring is normally the best option. Specific topics might be covered by our standard training offer.

Analyzing the outcome

To complete the iteration, a quick retrospective analysis is generally desirable. It doesn't have to be long or formal, but it has to happen. Without collectively stating, and analyzing what has been achieved, some of the value gained could be unconsciously lost.

What's next?

Completing successfully the given task is generally the best advertising for the following job. Complex task might be structured as iterations. Shorter ones will be just one. My goal is to end up with a "Mission accomplished. Return to base" instead of being tangled with endless unclear jobs. If I do my job well, there'll be more missions.


Please refer to the pricing page for specific information or contact me directly.

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