Developing Java applications with the Spring Framework

Spring brought a fresh breeze on the J2EE landscape. The lightweight approach introduced by Spring makes it easier to design, develop, test, and also to document java applications. Widespread adoption, a growing set of features and related tools, and a large support community made it the mainstream architectural framework on the JEE platform bringing concepts such as Inversion of Control, Dependency Injection or Aspect Oriented Programming to become part of every developer's dictionary.


Besides, Spring is one of the key foundations of emerging rapid application development frameworks for Java, such as Grails, and also creates the perfect landscape to apply Domain Driven Design concepts in a java application landscape.

Code Title Description Duration Agenda
SPR-001-EN Developing Java Application with the Spring Framework 3 Days Spring - Agenda_ENG.pdf


As a software architect, this training reflects also my professional point of view, which is interested also about why and not only how to do certain things with Spring.

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